30-Minute Brainstorm - Copper Catkin Consulting

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30-minute brainstorm on any topic related to your stall display.

"What can I possibly get in 30 minutes", you ask?

Tell you what - grab a skipping rope and a timer. Set the timer for 30 seconds, and skip.

So... that was only 30 seconds. See how long that was? Imagine how much we can get done in 30 minutes!

But... what do I get?

30 minutes of my focussed attention on your questions - we can talk about function (the bones of your stall design), flavour (what makes your stall YOUR stall), design ideas, layout gripes, questions about signage...

If you need to talk it out, I can help!

What should I bring?


The most important thing is to bring yourself. Show up for this!

You are what will make your market stall succeed, because you are a creative force!


Have you got an existing stall? Are there stalls that you like? What about ones you really don't like? Sketches? Favourite colour schemes?

Bring your reference material! You can email it through to me, or attach it to our online chat.


Do you have any notes about things that you want to do? Ideas? Nothing is too 'silly' or 'lame' - it's all grist for the mill in a brainstorming session!

Recommended pre-requisite:

FREE 5 day mini market makeover

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Come by and visit any time!

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