FQ - Meadow - Retro Stripe - large print

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This design features all the elements in the Meadow design collection: buttercups, dandelions, mushrooms, toadstools, grape hyacinths, daisies, ladybirds, bees, flies, and native NZ grasshoppers.

The idea for the 'Meadow' theme came from all the lovely flora and fauna in the Western Hills, hand-drawn on paper and digitally coloured by Cat Drayer.

This design range is available as jewellery, custom-printed fabric creations and fat quarters, fabric by the yard from Spoonflower, and custom-printed apparel and accessories from Redbubble.


We allow pick-ups from markets, but the collection date must be within a month of purchase or at the next market. To arrange collection, please see our events on Facebook: